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What I've Learnt Since Graduating

What I've Learnt Since Graduating

I cannot believe a year has passed since my graduation, as someone who wasn't the most student-y  student, it's fair to say I couldn't wait to get out of the University bubble and into the big bad world.

So, is it all it's cracked up to be? And, what have I learnt? A lot.

I love working. 

I've always been someone who has enjoyed having a job; not because of money, but I love learning new things from people. This was one of my main gripes with University, it wasn't hands on enough for me! But, working has allowed me to learn from those around me. Since graduating last summer, I worked over in New York, returned to beloved London and have worked with the most wonderfully skilled people. This was the year of the sponge, focusing on soaking up as much knowledge as possible, learning from others mistakes and success!

I thrive off having my finger in *several* pies.

It would be fair to say I have a strong work ethic, this could possibly be an understatement. From a young age, I've grown accustomed to balancing several plates at once; from school work to sports, music, and of course "work work". That hasn't changed as I've grown up, and since graduating I've met so many people who can't understand it. I work a full-time job, I keep my online work ticking over, I manage the podcast and I have freelance work. I'm faced with so many questions, how why when?! And, my honest answer is I don't know, time management maybe?!  such a flakey answer, but I enjoy being busy and having so much going on!

Multiple streams of income are the major key.

You're probably bored of reading it, but this was a key learning of my year since graduating - sorry! I cannot emphasise enough how important this has been for me as a fresh graduate. Without boring you with all the facts and figures (let me know if you'd like that), the bottom line is we all need money, savings, a pension and a treat every now and then. You cannot rely on anyone, company or business, take care of number one and ensure you have a way of paying your bills. That's all on that, for now.

Lastly, student loans suck but we all have them* and are in this together.

They really do suck and it's horrible seeing how much your repayment is, and that cute Gucci bag you could've saved for with that money. But, remember how much of a good time University was! Don't look back in anger, or think about it too much; it's depressing.

Did you graduate recently or do you have a few years behind you? I'd love to know what you've learnt since graduating! 

*ok, some are blessed to not have them, but the vast majority of us do have them; and the interests sucks.


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