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How To: Start a Podcast

How To: Start a Podcast

I think it's fair to say, we all love a good podcast. Personally, I started by listening to Serial (like every man and his dog) and my obsession grew from there. After becoming an avid Podcast listener and inspired by shows such as The Read, GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso (my queen) and Melanin Millennials, I decided to start my own show Coffee with Dani .

I always get asked "how did you start a podcast", so here are a few tips I have for those of you keen to give it a go! (p.s. subscribe to my show)

Come up with a concept 

Ask yourself a few questions, "what do I want people to gain from listening?" "what will make my show unique?" "what is the main topic?" You need to give people a reason to listen to you! I listen to a range of podcasts, from comedy, love, money tips to crime thrillers! If you have a solid concept, the audience will come!

Catchy title

I know it's basic and pretty trivial,  a short, snappy and memorable title is essential, without it's hard for your show to catch on! I mean, look at "My Dad Wrote A Porno"... need I say more! Crack open a bottle of vino with your friends, I'm sure you'll generate a show name now in no time. 

Eyecatching Cover Art

The Podcast app is heaving full of shows, you need visual branding to make you show stand out from the crowd. I would always recommend an image with text, and avoid text-heavy art! And of course, it should be fun and represent you and the show.

Exciting Theme Tune

This can be tricky and may involve pulling a few strings unless you're a talented musician! However, if you are not and have no friends who can help out, get on SoundCloud and look for cool artists and reach out to them! Exposure for both yourself and the artist is a double whammy!

Be Passionate

Most importantly having a genuine passion for your show and audience will take you a long way, Similar to blogging, you cannot enter the world of Podcasts in search of fame and fortune, it's a slow burner - trust me, and so false! It should be your passion project, have fun with it!

A few words of wisdom: don't forget to check for copyright on the name of the show and reserve all social media handles!

If you are looking to start a Podcast for a passion project or for a Brand, we can get you set up! Contact the team at GalCrew - email us now!

What I've Learnt Since Graduating

What I've Learnt Since Graduating

Edit: Black Lace Lingerie

Edit: Black Lace Lingerie