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tresses be loco

tresses be loco


No one knows hair struggles like afro-caribbeans, boy. Especially those who are all about the sweat life💦!  My personal hair journey is one of little turmoil and stress. I made the decision last year I wanted to go natural. For those of you who don't know, I had relaxed hair for about 7 years - I cut it into a short sleek style around 5 years ago. Remember those Keri Hilson/Rihanna short hair days.. yep!

Going natural wasn't easy for me, my natural hair texture is thick and porous! And it's very time consuming, I'm a wash and go kinda girl; all the detangling was driving me loco! I spoke to my hairdresser, and we decided that a weave could be a good idea!

I'd never had any type of hair weave/braids/singles, I remember wearing clip-ins for a few weeks in my very early teens; but that's as far as I'd experimented with lengths! Of course, I was anxious and excited to see how it would go! 6 months down the line, and a few weaves later - I love it!

My priority is looking after my hair below the weave, to ensure my hair is healthy and growing well! After spending hours browsing the internet and YouTube for the perfect products, and spending far too much in Beauty Supply stores - I came across OGX, formally known as Organix.


I always used OGX Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and Penetrating Oil on my hair extensions and used different brands, more specific for naturals on my natural hair. But I was recently gifted OGX's Kukui Oil Shampoo and Conditioner*. The deeply nourishing Kukui nut oil and sulfate-free formula not only works wonders on my weave - but also my natural hair!

It's refreshing to have a shampoo which works for both hair types, you should've seen my bathroom cupboard before I discovered this shampoo & conditioner; it looked like a shelf in your local Hair Shop!

OGX is a brand which prides itself on: transparency, beauty, pure and simple products! Owned by a hairdresser, each product is formulated by someone who actually knows about hair - not scientists cutting costs! You won't find any ads with perfect looking celebrity spokespeople, because they simply don't believe in it. Especially for a black girl, this is something I feel strongly about; the reality is our natural hair does not flip and drop like in the L'Oreal adverts (other brands available), and it's not healthy growing up with a head full of these images and subconsciously comparing yourself.

I couldn't recommend the OGX range enough, I mentioned them in a previous YouTube Video! If you've tried any of their products, tweet/instagram/snapchat - "Daniella-x" me; I'd love to know which products you liked, I'm eager to try more of their range!

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werkin' on ma *sneeze*

werkin' on ma *sneeze*

about a week ago

about a week ago