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Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer Beauty Essentials


The older I get, the more conscious I'm getting about what I'm putting into my body and onto my skin. As a self confessed makeup and skincare addict, high end to drug store - I'm obsessed. I would be happy if someone dropped me off in Lush, Space NK, Boots or Body Shop! Oh, and Beauty Halls... my love for Harrods, Liberty's, Selfridges or John Lewis blah blah blah lets not!

I thought I'd *try* to post a concise list of my Summer Beauty Essentials!

*links for all items at the end of post*

1. Dark Angels - Lush

I'm obsessed, this charcoal based facial wash is literally BOMB💣 I actually saw improvements after 2/3 days! There is a full blog post here... but if you have spot prone skin, or just love a deep cleanse - this is for you!

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2. Glycerin and Rosewater - Boots

I saw first this product on Shirely E. Beinang's (UBER babeYouTube channel. Not only do I love the vintage look packaging, but this is is such a basic toner which works so well. I love the rose aroma and deeply moisturising glycerin! Simply add to cotton pads and wipes over face and neck lightly!


3. Elegant Touch - House of Holland

I am a shellac lover, but I always have back up nails in my draw! With the British weather, last minutes plans do crop up (hey, when it's sunny you've got to take advantage!). So these sassy press on nails by Elegant Touch are great for BBQ to Rooftop drinkies!


4. Under eye tint/Light weight concealer - Bobbi Brown

I love Bobbi Brown - their shades are so on point! ✨ when it's hot, I cannot wear foundation - I melt. So, a few licks of this concealer just lifts the under eyes and red areas; I promise it's enough!


5. Carmex Lipbalm

Let's get one thing straight, no one like dry, crusty people. And, you cannot apply lipstick on top of flakey dry lips! Classic Carmex keeps those lips kissable soft 💋


6. Gillette Venus & Olay Razor

Bit of a personal one, but I love these razors.  The moisturising Olay strips leave your legs super soft! Can't have any prickly hedgehog legs out in this weather ladies...


7. Waitrose Pure Facial Oil

A soon to be cult classic - this oil came from the God! I've tried several facial oils: some are too heavy for my sensitive skin, and others far too expensive to keep up! This little gem retails at £2.99 a bottle, is fast absorbing as will kick ass compared to those expensive brands! I urge you to give it a try!


8.  Hot Cloth Cleanser - Liz Earle

A product which your Mum probably introduced you too - or you tried to steal hers when growing up! But, when you get to the middle of the month and can't afford to go for a facial, Liz Earle's formula will give your skin that deep cleanse and glow! It's deeply moisturising, my combination skin can only handle it as a treat.


9. Cosmetic Warrior - Lush

If you haven't already seen my rave review, read it now! This luxuriously moisturising, fresh facial mask is a fridge must have (it's fresh, remember to refrigerate), hits the spot every time. My pores are like frigging pot holes, I have acne prone skins and a t-zone oily enough to slide down! This keeps the breakout's at bay, closes the pores and leaves skin glowing!


10. Tea Tree Steam Bomb - Lush

Ok - I'm addicted to Lush. These baby bombs really pack a punch! Simply add to just off the boil water, in a sink or bowl. Cover head with towel and steam away!  Even if you don't have acne prone skin, or are lucky enough to not have oil (damn you) you should be in the habit of steaming the skin to clean pores out! Especially living in London, all that pollution - not a good look!


Click images for links to purchase - sorry! 

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