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Rosewood Hotel with Birchall Tea

Rosewood Hotel with Birchall Tea


IMG_1689IMG_1704IMG_1724 Last Thursday, I was fortunate enough to have been invited to a Tea Tasting with Birchall Tea; held at the Rosewood Hotel.

First trying their Green and Peach tea at the Coffee Room on Grove Road. I was super excited, when I saw the invite. When I arrived at the Rosewood, I was blown away by the gorgeous architecture and interior of the Hotel. Although I had a mini stalk on their website, it was just a beyond breathtaking location.

The concierge staff escorted us to the relevant room; where we were welcomed by a Champagne reception. After a little nattering, we sat down for a small introduction and to learn more about Birchall Tea. I was impressed to hear how Birchall tirelessly works to not only produce a high quality product, but also to improve the quality of life for their employees and those living within the surrounding area.


Birchall Tea is a family tradition, and it all began with Birchall Graham back in 1872. Birchall was posted in India, and planted his first tea bushes; little did he know what it would become! Birchall became a  founder member of the Darjeeling Tea Association, and continued to live in India for many years, and is buried in Darjeeling on the Tea Estate Cemetery.

I was fascinated to learn that the Graham Family to this day, continues to trade tea internationally and now has extensive interests in East Africa, including trading offices and a tea factory in Mombasa, Kenya.

IMG_1746IMG_1747 IMG_1764

Now, I would refer to myself as a "tea snob". I don't buy tea bags with my other half, I like to spend ages in the tea aisle reading all the packets and try something new. But I honestly couldn't believe it when we did the tea tasting! We were shown how to judge a tea, by it's tea bag content. Giles ripped open the tea bags and lay out the content, it was amazing to learn about tea processing methods such as unorthodox tea rolling (check me out ay).

IMG_1776 IMG_1782 IMG_1785

I'd never thought about the "colour" or depth of my tea before. I'd either gone for a treat and bought a pricey box or bog-standard tea. When you have direct comparison, you really can taste quality in Birchall tea. Birchall pride themselves on providing 100% pure main grade black tea leaves - so, there's no powder, dust or stalk. I couldn't believe when they emptied the content of well known tea brands, how much stalks and powder their tea bags contained! I know when I drink a cuppa, I expect my tea bag to have tea leaves in! Not powder to fill it out.

Tea leaves go through rigorous testing, before receiving the Birchall stamp of approval.  The leaves are bagged and shipped by Birchall, cutting out the middle man and bringing us a fresher and much higher quality tea bag!

IMG_1786 IMG_1788 IMG_1796

After the tea tasting, we were introduced to each tea in Birchall's range. I'm more of a herbal tea drinker than black, so this was what I'd look forward to all day. A particular new favourite I was introduced to is the Birchall Red Berry & Flower tea. I've never been a fan of fruity teas, as they seem to embody disappointment - smell great, taste like nothing!

I was pleasantly surprised to finally find a fruit tea with taste to match the aroma! The Birchall Red Berry & Flower is my new favourite and I'd recommend to all newbie tea drinkers, it's literally like drinking warm berry juice! I'm going to try and make some cool ice tea's with it.

IMG_1800 IMG_1806 IMG_1807 IMG_1808

We (by we, I mean me) ate far too much of the afternoon tea spread laid on by the Rosewood, nattered a little more and you guessed it; drink more Birchall tea! And before I knew it, the tasting session was over. It was wonderful to have met so many amazing people within the Birchall Tea organisation and some new bloggers!

IMG_1813 IMG_1814

I couldn't not include some bathroom pictures of the Rosewood, I was in aesthetics heaven.

IMG_1817 IMG_1823 IMG_1824  IMG_1833 IMG_1838 IMG_1844 IMG_1854

Birchall's Top Tips:

  • It's all about the water : ensure water is filtered and piping hot
  • Allow brewing time, but know how you like it! 
  • Add a slice of Lemon - life changing


Massive thank you to the team at Birchall Tea for having me and the Rosewood Hotel for the ideal location and delicious nibbles!

Birchall Tea is available to order online, 20 prism tea bags £3.99

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