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REVIEW : Tanya's Cafe

REVIEW : Tanya's Cafe


After a week off - I’m back! And, I have a foodie adventure to tell you about.

On that rainy Friday, I headed to South Ken to finally eat at most raved about Vegan spot in London, Tanya’s Cafe.

Located within the MyHotel Chelsea, Tanya’s has gorgeous scandi-decor vibes I adore: white tiles, simple beech furniture and exposed light bulbs. I was pleasantly surprised by the minimalist version of Kanye’s flower wall, Tanya’s is filled with potted plants, climbing shrubs and positive quotes.


We were seated at high stools, handed menu’s and served water with a hint of citrus by the waitress.two my vision’swe ordered, shortly after the waitress returned to the table to tell us they only had 1 left. I was a little confused by this, and still am to be honest. I would’ve thought that the juices would be made fresh to order. So, I was a little bit disappointed by this.

Due to the near torrential downpour, we were slightly later than anticipated. I was craving smashed avocado  (like every day of my life); however, as we were 20 mins after breakfast had ended, the waitress said I was unable to order it…


Although I was a little disgruntled, as I wish breakfast was acceptable for every single meal of the day; my bad timing actually forced me to leave my comfort zone. Tanya’s has a fascinating menu, I’m not vegan, and I’m not the queen of all things raw. So, it was an educational experience.

We opted for the sharing platter, so we could try as many things as possible! The platter included: Tacos, Pad Thai, Curry Noodles and Sushi Rolls. I have to say, the Tacos were my ultimate favourite, they were seasoned to perfection and the dehydrated sweetcorn Taco shells were incredible!


On this occasion, we didn’t go for a desert. I personally felt too cold, with the crappy rain and then a raw meal; to eat a chilled desert. Maybe next time!

Overall, I love the concept of Tanya’s! The portion sizes are great & value for money. I’d 100% go back for the Tacos *searches for Taco emoji*. I was just a little disappointed with the juice and being unable to order avocado on toast after noon - sorry it’s a staple!

Tanya's Cafe

myhotel Chelsea, 35 Ixworth Pl, SW3 3QX

Nearest station : South Kensington

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