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Review: SoulCycle

Review: SoulCycle



I love to ride.

No seriously, I'm obsessed with Spin classes. So, during my time in America it was only right I visited the giant brand SoulCycle!

I got bored of meeting countless American's in London at classes telling me "you have to go, omg" I've been ladies and gents I've been! I visited SoulCycle's Georgetown branch in Washington, D.C; word on the street is that the first lady (@FLOTUS I love you) likes to ride there, along with Tyler Perry. Yes, I'm part of the cool crowd people.

My first impressions were a little bizarre, I signed up online and tried to book a class for myself and my girl A (I hope you've seen me surprise her over on YouTube); anyway, all the classes were fully booked online. Which is something I'm used to as a rider at Psycle but all day on a Sunday - come on. So, I gave the girls at SoulCycle a call, they told me to come by incase anyone dropped out. I dragged my butt out of bed, got my sports bra on and skipped down the road to SoulCycle.

Much to my delight, there was a bike for me! In fact, over half the class didn't turn up. I don't know if everyone was on the booze the night before and missed the class, but I just thought it was bizarre that most people didn't turn up and it kinda ruins the atmosphere for those who did turn up! I really sympathised with the instructor, it must be hard to create and atmosphere when it's pretty flat.


I think her name was Megan, she did bloody well. The class was "similar" to spin classes in London, dark room, loud music - that's about it as far as similarities I'd say. You may not know, but inside me there is a sassy mix of Shakira, Beyonce and JLO; I love to dance, and the importance of music when working out to me is everything. So, I need something I'd swing my hips to in a club to make me let loose in a class! Megan's playlist was impressive but there was little emphasis on working to the beat, and I could tell she was not a secret JLO; such as myself.

But for a workout, it was effective. I worked up a sweat, got my ride in and can now officially say "yes, I've been to SoulCycle!" I'll continue to ride there when I'm in the US, and take my inner JLO with me.

Have you visited SoulCycle? Who are your favourite instructors? 

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