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APE? Testosterone Boosters?  I honestly hadn’t ever thought to my body’s levels of testosterone.

That was until I read a great post by gorge fellow blogger The Blonde Ethos . I was approached by Monkey Nutrition a few months ago, I was hesitant about reviewing their *APE Testosterone Booster.

Monkey Nutrition is a supplement company which prides itself on high quality goods and customer service. I was impressed to see the array of athletes they sponsor, as they’re relatively new in the ever confusing world of supplements!

I pride myself on being open and honest with my readers; so I decided to do some research behind the science of testosterone in women and if taking APE would have an benefits for me and readers.

After reading a little more on the Monkey Nutrition website, I soon realised that the APE Testosterone Booster contained zero testosterone or steroids of any nature *exhales*. I must admit, I felt a little stupid for presuming they would contain actual hormones or steroids, but I’m no supplements buff!

“Increased testosterone levels encourage the growth and development of muscle tissues, assist fat loss, improve immune function and are key to maintaining positive sexual health and energy levels.”

- Monkey Nutrition


The more I read, the more I came around to the idea of taking APE. But, I just wanted to talk to someone about it first. There’s nothing that annoys me more about online shopping, than companies without contact telephone numbers! Luckily, Monkey Nutrition clearly post a contact number (which isn’t an 0800-) that customers can call and chat about their products and suitability.

Following my conversation with the lovely and well informed employee, I placed my order.

Shipping was prompt, always a winner. And the goods were packaged well!

I have to say my favourite thing about APE is the small bags your daily dosage comes in! You can chuck them into the bottom of your handbag/gym bag if you're in a rush and not worry you’ve missed a pill.


How did they make you feel?

Okay - I felt a little more energised. Working full-time, working out and socialising. I did feel more lean, especially in the evenings. Usually I wake up feeling most lean, I guess they helped me feel leaner all day. But, I’m positive they helped with recovery. I stopped taking BCAA’s while taking APE to see if they helped. I’m usually a 3 day DOMS kinda gal, so I know when something is aiding my recovery!


Would you recommend to a friend?

It depends. To someone who’s just looking to keep fit and stay healthy; probably not so much. If you’re someone working towards an event or competition; sure yes. Personally, I think that Monkey Nutrition's APE is much more than what’s needed for the regular guy or gals supplement cupboard - but there is no denying it’s a great product packed full of ingredient.

So if you're someone specifically looking to boost our testosterone levels, I would recommend APE! I’m keen to try more of Monkey Nutrition’s products (THERMA-RIP photographed in this post will be reviewed soon) - and cannot get over how great their customer service is!

“Monkey APE is a potent fusion of natural testosterone boosters and nutrients essential to hormone synthesis and regulation. The matrix and support systems within APE are designed to boost growth, development and libido, whilst inhibiting aromatisation [the process by which the body converts testosterone to oestrogen] and preventing the biosynthesis of oestrogen.”

APE retails at £28.99 a pot - 30 pack (4 capsule, 2 tablets and 2 softgels)

Have you tried testosterone boosters? Would you try them? I'm interested to hear your opinions on taking testosterone boosters! 

Calling all Freshers

Calling all Freshers