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REVIEW: Lady Camellia

REVIEW: Lady Camellia



High Tea in Washington, D.C at Lady Camellia

On my last day in Washington, D.C, we decided to go for High Tea. When my friend Arianna lived in London, we went for High Tea together - so it was slightly nostalgic! Arianna found this lovely spot called Lady Camellia in Georgetown, a short walk (or Uber ride) from her apartment.

I was blown away by how gorgeous the interior was, you guys know how I am about decor! But, honestly it looked like it dropped out of a Laura Ashley/Good Housekeeping Magazine! The wall covered in gold photo frames was amazing, I'd love to emulate in my own place one day!



What we ate

We ordered the Full Tea for 2 and added a Cream Tea, as their was 3 of us - Arianna's lovely friend Sabrina came along; I was in contact with Sabrina for the past few months arranging my surprise in D.C. for Arianna!

Our cakes and sandwiches were presented in the traditional style, on a cake stand. Which I loved, I was also delighted to see that my tea came in a full sized tea pot. There's nothing worse than those piddly mini-tea pots some places *no names* use! I need a full pot.

I have to say, D.C. knows how to bake a damn good scone. I love a good scone, and expected some overly-floury-shop-bought tasting scone; I'm sorry but I did! But the team at Lady Camellia obviously have a talents team of bakers, or should I say patisserie magicians! The scone was lovely and fluffy, perfectly fresh from the oven with a warm temperature. The cream and butter just melted away -- weeks after, I'm still dreaming!



For my sandwiches, I ordered the Egg Salad. I don't understand America's love for mustard, I'm a big mustard hater; actually, I'm the mustard detector - if it's detected I simply cannot eat the food. It basically makes me heave. Anyway, I didn't realise mustard would be in the Egg Salad sandwich, however it was and I was not delighted! I think the waitress saw my face (shock) and immedately rushed over to the table, I explained I didn't realise mustard would be in the Egg Salad sandwiches and I can't eat it. She quickly apologised and the kitchen made me some new Egg Salad sandwiches *yay for Lady Camellia*.


For anyone interested, I'm a camomile drinker - so I was boring I went for camomile. But the girls tried some more adventurous flavours; but Lady Camellia offers a range of tea's to accompany their high tea. So, don't be boring like me!

If you're planning on visiting D.C. I would recommend visiting Lady Camellia, the location is perfect and it's real value for money! They've masted the art of baking a good bloody scone, what else could you ask for?





Lady Camellia

3261 Prospect St NW Washington, DC 20007

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