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REVIEW: HydraFirm by Exuviance

REVIEW: HydraFirm by Exuviance


I don't think I'm the only one that wants to age gracefully. But I might be one of a small minority of 20 year olds thinking about it, seriously. For the past month, I've incorporated more anti-ageing products into my skincare regime and have loved the results. One of the new products I'm using is Age Reverse Hydrafirm by Exuviance*.

About the Brand

Exuviance is a dermatologist-developed skincare line, from the amazing people at NeoStrata. Known for their clinically proven at-home and professional range, and innovate formula's to promote Skin Fitness®; while remaining luxurious!

Benefits and Key Ingredients

I often get scared and put off by long scientific words when reading the ingredients, but really it's the benefits I'm here for! HydraFirm is packed full of amazing ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic acid - which restores skins moisture and prevents drying
  • Prodew® - infuses with amino acid to restore skins natural moisture level
  • Matrixyl® - boosts collagen production, pumps and smooths skin
  • Antioxidants - to protect from environmental damages


My Thoughts

My first impressions of the Exuviance Age Reverse HydraFirm were positive. I love the reflective packaging (love for all things shiny) and the compact container. I thought it would be great for all the travelling I wished I did!

HydraFirm has a really interesting formula; it's hard to describe but think gel meets think moisturiser. Due to this, I was afraid it would leave a sticky residue on my face. However, it's the complete opposite. HydraFirm is quickly absorbed - like a gel, but is non-sticky, long lasting moisture similar to a thick moisturiser.


There is also a very fresh aroma to HydraFirm, which I really like. As some moisturisers can have heavy scents or nothing at all, it sustains the clean fresh post cleanse feeling!

Exuviance promised firming, strengthening and intensive hydration from Age Reverse HydraFirm. I would say all three of these correlate with how it worked for my skin. I like using a facial wash for acne prone skin; I haven't found this to be too drying for my skin. But I am conscious of needing to restore the skins natural moisture levels. HydraFirm instantly restores moisture and it's long lasting. I massage into my face post morning cleanse and again before bed. It's refreshing to use a product which doesn't require continuous topping up all day!

It also creates a great base for makeup. As HydraFirm creates this lush, soft, deeply moisturised skin! I feel less of my makeup moving - even without a primer! I guess as the skin is deeply moisturised, it doesn't drink up my foundation!

Although I don't have wrinkles yet or age spots, my skin has benefited greatly from the collagen boosting ingredients in HydraFirm such as NeoGlucosamine® and Maxtrixyl®. My whole face looks much fuller and radiant. To the point where I feel reasonably confident to go out without make up on, my skin looks much healthier!

exuviance hydrafirm

Final Words

I guess you want to know if I'd recommend HydrafirmYes, without a doubt.

I've seen amazing results in both my face and neck! My skin is visibly healthier, and feels much more full and moisturised. I've been teaming Hydrafirm with Exuviance's Microdermabrasion Face Polish a few days a week. Which helps to provide a deep clean and allows Hydrafirm to deeply penetrate the skin!

As we are constantly told, prevention is the key! So, try incorporating some anti-ageing products into your skincare regime to aid graceful ageing!

Do you use any anti-ageing products? I'd love to try some more!

I was lucky enough to have been sent this sample from a PR company. 
However, the views shared in this post are my own, as always!

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