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After reading my NYC Bucket List you would've already seen a little of my desire to dine at Egg Shop NYC. On my last day in the big apple, I had a shoot in Central Park which left me peckish - of course. As it was Veteran's Day, I gave Egg Shop a call - just to check their opening hours, I was delighted to be informed they were open as usual. I hopped on the metro, and headed over. Located in Bowery - just on the edge of East Village and Soho. I took the B metro down to the vibrant neighbourhood, and was blown away by how picturesque it was (you can see a little of this in my NYC Vlog).

Egg Shop NYC oozes cool. I was lucky enough to arrive, just as a couple was leaving - so I copped their table. However, as I was dining the ever lengthening queue of potential diners multiplied and emphasised many things to me:

Number 1, this place is bloody popular.

Number 2, the food must be incredible.

And Number 3, I came at the right time!

I'm one of those people who love to read the menu before I arrive, and try and decide what I'm going to order before I arrive. During my 20-odd minute journey over to Egg Shop, I was deliberating between several options. I expressed my indecisiveness to the waitress and ask for her recommendation. She threw me off course. I was thinking of ordering the classic Avo & Egg of toast; which is what I eat most days for breakfast anyway. Being the thrill-seeker I am, with recommendation, I ordered the Pepper Boy with hash brows, an americano and a cocktail called "Rye Baby" - for good measure.

My food arrived promptly - and piping hot *win win* , it did not disappoint.


While eating, I got chatting to a lady sat next to me. She lived in the area, assured me of how highly regarded Egg Shop was and the all widespread rave review's. I was also grateful for the amazing restaurant recommendations for my next trip to NY! We ate, chatted and shared our food! She had ordered their French Toast which I tasted amazing - thank you for the cheeky slice.

The Pepper Boy was beyond delicious. The combination of the creamy softly scrambled eggs, topped with crispy bacon, onions and aioli. It was perfectly light in weight along with  texture. I love brunch food that doesn't give you that super full, lethargic feeling! I also enjoyed their hash browns, I think I devoured them in a few seconds after being presented them. It may sounds bizarre, but there is an art to cooking potatoes for hash browns; and Egg Shop have this down. Along with the correct potato to onion ratio!


As I had sampled their French Toast, I opted for a drink for my dessert. Great decision, if I do say so. Egg Shop has an a modest list of wonderful cocktails - I wish I could've tried a few more, but it was only just noon and I was alone...

"Rye Baby" was exquisite - forget boring old cranberry and vodka! I'm not sure what else was in it to make it so lush, but it was perfect - and left me giggling.

My bill came to around $40 inc. tip, which isn't super steep, and if you take the cocktail off it would be quite abit less. But, I feel like it was value for money. Egg Shop offers a cool, calm yet edgy dining experience. It somewhere you could go on a date, with family or to impress the in-laws!

If you're in NY, swing by!

egg-shop-nyc-food-postcard  egg-shop-nyc-food-cocktail-berry egg-shop-nyc-food-burger

Egg Shop NYC

151 Elizabeth St, New York

NY 10012

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