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REVIEW: East London Juice Co

REVIEW: East London Juice Co



Whilst over at BoxPark for Yoga Brunch with Style PB  ; I finally stopped by East London Juice Co! I remember seeing they'd opened back in March, but I was back in France ad never had the chance to pop down on my flying visits to London.

So the location of East London Juice Co is perfect, on the bottom level of BoxPark - so it's easily accessible from the street and Shoreditch High Street station. They serve a range of cold pressed juices in the fridge, along with juices they'll make to order from the menu. Along with a range of foods and baked goods (treat yo' self moment).

I enjoyed their hand prepared tea - I'm not sure what the flavour was as it's their home blend; I'd recommend if you're a tea lover like me!


IMG_1677  IMG_1668   IMG_1659

Another great thing I liked about East London Juice Co was the customer service, I was served by a lovely lady who actually had time to talk to me. It's a rare thing in London. Barista's don't have time to talk to you, and they don't really want to. The lovely lady told me all about East London Juice Co  and the business's story! They have a Kickstarter account you can check out - they have luckily reached their goal.


It's refreshing to find a juice bar that's Anti- Diet, Anti-Cleanse and Anti-Starvation! East London Juice Co support the stand point that juice is simply a quick easy way to get those nutrients in - not a way to avoid eating to loose weight/fat/whatever.

So if you're in the area - or looking for a decent juice, lovely calming environment with a wicked team; check them out!

Best of luck East London Juice Co team, you've got a big fan in me!


Have you visited East London Juice Co ? Which juice was your favourite?

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