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REVIEW: DryBy London

REVIEW: DryBy London


IMG_2178 DryBy has taken London by storm, creating quite a name for itself. Opening it's doors earlier this year and already gracing the pages of publications such as GLAMOUR, Harpers Baazar and Brides Magazine. It's no surprise DryBy is a solid favourite of Beauty Editors and fellow Beauty Bloggers!

I had the chance to drop by DryBy last week for a nail treatment; of course I was super excited after seeing so many rave reviews and gorgeous pictures of the interior decor. It's fair to say I was not disappointed.

IMG_2128 IMG_2131 IMG_2134 IMG_2142 IMG_2092

Owners and sisters Krisztina and Anita wanted to create a serene, home-like space for smart, busy women to come and take a little time for themselves. They have successfully created a inner city - pampering - sanctuary like space.

When I arrived at DryBy, I was blown away by the still and retreat like energy. I was greeted by owned Krisztina, she has such an amazing aura and radiates good vibes. I was super early, like always, so we sat down for a cup of tea. It was so refreshing to not be rushed around like a Cow in a cattle market!

IMG_2152 IMG_2161  IMG_2170 IMG_2171 IMG_2177 IMG_2116 IMG_2102

The lovely Eliza took care of me, not only is she extremely skilled, but also full of knowledge. She told me more about how to care for my nails after Shellac, I love Shellac but I’d never been told about the damage it can do to your nails and the types of treatments available. DryBy offer a treatment called IBX, which is a treatment that penetrates directly into the nail and nail bed to repair any damage from the Shellac. I also really liked that they include Shellac removal in the price of having fresh Shellac done, in my experience a lot of places will change £15 or so for Shellac removal. Which causes people to rip it off, ruining their nails! Really emphasising that nail health is priority, not maximising profits at DryBy.

IMG_2165 IMG_2184 IMG_2187

Eliza told me more about the story of DryBy and how she came to working for them. It always makes me happy to work with staff that speak highly of the company they belong to; as it shows a healthy culture of a business - which I think is the basis to a great brand! Krisztina and Anita evidently value their staff and treat them extremely well at DryBy!


After long deliberation, I decided on the shade Field Fox - I would try to describe the shade, but I’m beyond awful at describing colours! Please see image below… I also went for an accent nail with some nail art. I couldn’t believe how much choice DryBy offered for nail art, I’m the most indecisive person ever; so it took me forever to decide which to go for! I eventually decided to go for the gorgeous delicate gold net. I was mesmerised when Eliza applied it to my nails, nails are seriously artistry!

IMG_2098  IMG_2103 IMG_2111 IMG_2113 IMG_2114

DryBy uses CND Shellac, an exceptional brand which really is top of the range. I’d never seen the lights they have, I asked Eliza more about the lights they used set the Shellac. I was impressed to hear that DryBy use CND’s newest lights, and they're one of the first places in the country to have them.



Thank you so much to the wonderful team at DryBy, I am already planning my next visit. I'm dying for a pedicure and a blow dry by the team!

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