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RECIPE: Radioactive Morning Greens

RECIPE: Radioactive Morning Greens


I have a confession to make, I haven't been eating as much greens this week and I've had my fair share of booze. Whenever my greens intake (unintentionally) decreases,  I feel completely depleted!  My skin looks dull, breaks out and is super dry! And that's just my outside, so I dread to think what's going on inside!


I find a sneaky way to get extra greens in - is by drinking them! And, I promise, it doesn't taste "Green".

Radioactive Morning Greens! 

What you will need:    BlenderSharp Knife

Ingredients (serves 1):

Spinach + Kale (rinsed) - basically all the greens you  can get your paws on |  Pineapple [about half] |  Chia Seeds  [1 tsp] | Matcha Powder - I use Vivid Matcha* [1 tsp] |  Vanilla Protein Powder [1 scoop for moi] | Porridge Oats [1 cup]  | Ice [depends how thick you like it, 1 cup?!]



CHUCK IT ALL IN N' BLEND BABY  - start with ice at the bottom, followed by greens, pineapple, and all dry produce. Add a dash of cold water for good luck... now, blend baby!


In less than a few days, I see my skin looking much more healthy and my energy seems to quickly restore! I love having this blend in the morning, as it contains protein, greens and complex carbs. If you're not a fan of protein powder, leave it out - there's plenty of protein in greens, you'd better stuff that blender full!


💚I would love to see pictures of your Radioactive Green's - post them on Instagram and tag me! 💚 

Have you any skin and energy boosting smoothie recipes to share? I'd love to hear from you!

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