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People you need on Snapchat

People you need on Snapchat


If theres something you should know about me, I'm obsessed with snapchat. I'm not even ashamed to admit it. When it first came out, I remember downloading it at school and then it kinda turned into a machine for sexting - which I was not participating in. However, I feel like recently it's completely revamped! It's an amazing #nofilter way to communicate, and it's not as perfect as YouTube and feels more like nattering to your mates! So here's my list of bloggers, musicians, personalities and everything between!





MakeupShayla - Snapchat ID "makeupshayla"

LA based Makeup Artist Shayla is a fireball on Snapchat, she's motivating, charming and full of tons of advice!

Expect to see: workout's, amazing makeup skills and no bs.

Outfit: @hotmiamistyles

A photo posted by SHAYLA (@makeupshayla) on

Snapchat: Makeupshayla👋🏾

A video posted by SHAYLA (@makeupshayla) on

Desi Perkins - Snapchat ID "desiperkins"

Another LA based Makeup Artist, Desi snaps her, hubby Steven and pup Harper.

Expect to see: best friend antics with Katy and Zooooo, everyday life + makeup!

@beausef keeps my hair color he's accepting new clients in January! Go check him out @beausef

A photo posted by D E S I • P E R K I N S (@desiperkins) on

Holiday lookbook just went live on my YouTube channel!! @lulus dress! 🌲 #luluspartyperfect

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Lustre Luxe - Snapchat ID "Lusterlux" (not Lustrelux)

Final part of the LA Makeup Artist crew, Katy's snaps are so hilarious. She snaps herself, hubby Jon and her pup Zo, who I promise you'll want to steal

Expect to see: best friend antics with Desi and Harper, everyday life, and lotsss of makeup!

Michelle London - Snapchat ID "Beautyntheblog"

London based lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogger and vlogger, you probably already watch her YouTube and envy her highlight and contour.

Expect to see: everyday antics, pup envy, stories!

If in doubt...wear white

A photo posted by Michelle London (@beautyandtheblog) on

VickyLogan - Snapchat ID "vickylogan"

Uber babe, Vicky and Hubby Cameron are hilarious on snapchat. Vicky is a beauty influencer on her main channel and vlogs with hubby on her vlog channel.

Expect to see: hubby and wife antics, snow, stories and ball life!

Yes I do have the same dress in two different lengths. This one is for the saints 😂 #vickyloganstyle

A photo posted by V I C K Y L O G A N (@victoriouslogan) on

Dyls Makeup - Snapchat ID "dylsxmakeup"

This boy is a wizard. His mad makeup skills and bubbly personality are fabulous!

Expect to see: antics, mad makeup skills, tips and tricks!

#Mood 💅🏽✨💋🏆 Tonight's Look #dylsxmakeup

A photo posted by Dyls💋 (@dylsxmakeup) on

Jayde Pierce - Snapchat ID "Jaydepierce"

You would've definitely seen pictures of gorgeous Jayde on your instagram feed, but following her on snapchat and getting to know a bit more of her personality has made her ever more loveable!

Expect to see: shopping, makeup, stories, outfit envy!

Shooting life! 📷

A photo posted by Jayde Pierce (@jaydepierce) on

Makeup tutorial on my YouTube channel now on how I created this look! Link in my bio ❤️

A photo posted by Jayde Pierce (@jaydepierce) on


Is there anyone I've missed off? Make sure you pop their Snapchat ID's in the comment section! I love having new people to watch in Snapchat, yes I'm obsessed!

Also, don't forget to add me (daniella-x), you can just snap the image below!


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