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NYC Bucket List

NYC Bucket List


I'm off to NYC. I cannot contain my excitement and stop telling people. To be truthfully honest, I was never one of those girls who dreamt of visiting NYC; I had dreamt of Thailand and Europe! I've done Thailand and a fair chunk of Europe, so it's time to start my American adventure! The closer my trip to NYC looms, the more excited I'm getting. I can't stop watching NYC travel vlogs and reading NYC blog posts! So, I wanted to create a short NYC Bucket List, with a few places I've seen while researching. As it's a short trip, I guess I won't be able to visit them all; however I'm sure I'll return!

  • sweetgreen

I'm so basic. But, I love a good salad. I also love a great app and a business with a great culture. I first saw sweetgreen on Instagram after a friend recommended it; the more I read about the brand - the more engrossed I became! "sweetgreen" - yes, no caps; prides its brand on being a "destination for delicious food that’’s both healthy for you and aligned with your values" - I just love that.

Sourcing organic produce from local farmers and working within the community is also a key part of sweetgreen's ethos. However, the winning factor for me was reading about the "sweetgreen in Schools" partners. Which basically is sweetgreen going into schools across DC, MD, VA and NYC and giving courses on healthy eating, fitness and sustainability.  1% of each purchase via their sweetgreen app goes towards the project; which is something I'm keen to support and admire. It's so important to educate children about healthy eating and lifestyle!

Check out their Tumblr, it's inspiring.


  • Egg Shop

Think eggs for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. I can't remember for the life of me who's blog I saw Egg Shop on; but the spreads just looks beyond epic. I did a little research (you know me) and it was so cool to read about the roots of Egg Shop!

Story time ... Sarah and Demetri (eggheads) feel in love; they couldn't agree on many eggy things including whether a bacon-egg-and-cheese sarnie beat an egg-white spinach scramble?! They couldn't believe a restaurant dedicated to the art of the eggs didn't exist, so they changed the world.

I'm obsessed with brunching, I think it's possibly my favourite meal. And any meal cooked by someone else, well you got me.

Guys, I can't wait to try your eggy delights. The menu is utterly exceptional, I cannot believe there are so many amazing ways to eat eggs! You muuust check out their instagram...

egg-shop-nyc-flatlay egg-shop-nyc-brunch

  • Juice Press

The girls at ADAY mentioned this little spot, and who doesn't love a good old cold pressed juice? I know I do! There's nothing like a juice for a morning wake up or late afternoon pick me up. Juice Press is another super cool brand with a great ethos; I love that they pride themselves on organic, fresh produce. I hate the idea of pasteurised juices, sat on a shelf for days or months before being consumed - and no processed nasties. I'll pop some info on  the juices I'm dying to try...


New Yorker's go to Immune Booster, Ginger Fireball. If you know me, you know I love my ginger. I'm a little crazy about it; so it's no surprise I'm excited to try Ginger Fireball. Packed full of ginger, orange, lemon and cayenne pepper. Give it to me baby! Side note, how cute is this mini bottle. So damn cute.



Love at first sight: apple, kale, lemon and spinach = yaaas! The only thing that would possibly make that better, is a little ginger! But, I love a good green juice - especially something packed full of low glycemic greens to keep me young, healthy and sassy.


This is not just a foodie bucket list, but you know I love food. I had to feature a few; now for some sights, stores and workouts.



I love reformer pilates. But honestly, it's a luxury. It's hard out here!  SLT is a world-renowned reformer pilates studio brand. With 4 branches in NYC alone: Midtown, Flat Iron, Upper East Side and Soho - you're never too far from a SLT studio. I was interested to read about the types of classes SLT offer: intro, megaformer, hardcore and private. As I'm not too rusty on the old reformer, I'll try and book into a megaformer class. Described as...

"Fifty minutes of heart-pumping, muscle quivering and total body strengthening, lengthening and toning in an inspiring - ties together cardio, strength training and pilates"

Now, that's a full body workout for you! I love how long and lean pilates leaves me (feeling). And, if it's good enough for JLO - it's good enough for me.



  • SoulCycle

I love spinning, but I can't go to New York without visiting SoulCycle; purely to see if it lives up to the hype! I meet so many lovely ladies when I pop into spinning studios across London, telling me tales of SoulCycle. And of course, see them rocking the merchandise. So SoulCycle, you're on my list and I want to see if you're all that.

If you haven't heard of SoulCycle, it's an indoor spinning class; offering a full body workout in 45 mins on a spinning bike, with hand weights. SoulCycle prides itself on the community element being the core of it's ethos and want their riders to feel a part of the community.

SoulCycle has several locations across NYC, so I don't feel I'll ever be too far from one of their studios.



  • Barry's Bootcamp


The Best Workout in the World, on it's home turf. London loves Barry's - and so do I! However, there's no place like home. That's exactly why I'd love to try Barry's in NYC! I follow a few of their trainers on Instagram and dying to try their version of Barry's signature workout.

Background scoop on Barry's; since 1998 Barry's has been serving up the best workout in the world. The combination of treadmill and floor work, creates the "shock" technique to burn that fat and build lean muscle baby! Oh, and you can burn 1000 calories.

There's a few sights I have in mind...

High Line


Meatpacking District

9/11 Ground Zero

Liberty Cruise

A walking tour of the City

Statue of Liberty

Central Park

Brooklyn Bridge

Times Square

Rockefeller Centre

oh, and Sephora of course!

If you've visited NYC or are lucky enough to be a resident; please comment with some cool places I should check out!





Christmas by George at ASDA

Christmas by George at ASDA