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LUSH Cosmetic Warrior

LUSH Cosmetic Warrior


I can't believe how late I am on the LUSH hype - seriously though why didn't someone force me into buying their products earlier? My latest favourite is the Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask. I really like the fact all their products are so natural, and don't smell sickly sweet. I want natural stuff to smell as natural as possible!

LUSH Cosmetic Warrior has a rich, moisturising texture. Consisting of simple, natural ingredients including: Kaolin, Green Grapes, Organic Free Range Eggs, Honey, Cornstarch, Glycerine, Garlic, Tea Tree Oil♱  it's easy to see why people love this product!IMG_1320IMG_1321

My body went into shock mode last month, during #SWEATMYBAGUETTE. I had just started working full-time and working out religiously; compare that to not doing at lot in France. My skin broke out and I became sugar reliant; and you could see it.

My skin was dull and my mood was crap! And, to make matters worse... I'd run out of my Dark Angels facial wash. I knew I wanted to pick up a few other products from Lush, so was hesitant to order online; I love the customer service they provide in store!


My first impressions of the mask were a little bewildered. Cosmetic Warrior does have large flakes of, what I'm guessing is garlic. However, I followed the directions and stored in the fridge *insert universal boyfriend eye-roll here*.  So of course, on application Cosmetic Warrior is soothingly cool, it applied very easily and evenly! Don't worry about those flakes of garlic, stick them on your face too!

As Cosmetic Warrior sets, theres none of that excessive skin tightening or super skin drying! Although it's for acne prone skin, your skins is left feeling cleansed and moisturised. Rather than completely dried out! I find that some masks literally rip away all the skins oils to avoid break out, which is simply unnecessary and in my case, makes me produce more oil!


Cosmetic Warrior retails at £6.50 per pot, if you have acne prone skin, wear a lot of make up or need a skin-tox; I would 100% recommend this mask. Go in to your local LUSH, and speak to one of their lovely team! 💕



♱information from LUSH Retail LTD

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