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London's Best Coffee Shops For Working

London's Best Coffee Shops For Working

We all love a good coffee and free wifi - period. And if you're a freelancer finding somewhere with amazing wifi, coffee and a little atmosphere is so hard! Well, here comes your little fairy internet godmother... me! If you watch my vlogs or snapchat, you'll know before I jetted off to NYC -  I lived between several coffee spots. I was asked so many times where I was, so I thought I'd share a few of my favourite spots with you guys! IMG_4329

Sourced Market

With two location: St Pancras and Marylebone, Source Market started at music festivals (side note, I didn't know this until I started researching for this post - how exciting!) as they didn't believe the food on offer at festivals matched the quality of music. They brought their high quality, locally sourced marketplace and coffee concept to the city.

I would recommend their Marylebone location, purely because I can't concentrate at St Pancras; way too much people traffic. However, at the Marylebone branch, you can sit at the high chairs and enjoy some natural light (it's the little things in life).

what to order: iced coffee with any of their amazing freshly baked goods (or a deli platter🐷)

working_coffee_shops_london working_coffee_shops_london


I'm not the biggest fan of Regent Street/Oxford Street, however I'd often have meetings around there; so I forced myself to find some gems to work in. Ergon Foods is a prime example, think chic soho vibes meets Greece! A Greek deli with a light and airy eat in area! This is Ergons only UK Location - they're in Brussels, Miami and Greece, they bring a twist to the usual coffee shop we see on the British high street! Not only do they have a smashing menu, deli takeout section - they also serve really bloody good coffee.

what to order: coffee (dur) with any of their scrambled egg on sourdough (oh my🐷)


Holborn Grind (in fact, all the Grind's)

The best coffee in London, period. However, also the best locations across London. Grind & Co is literally taking over the capital - and I love it. Not only do Grind speak to the undeniable coffee snob like me, they have created such beautiful spaces in everyone of their locations. Starting their journey in on Old Street roundabout in 2011, they have grown to have 6 locations and plans to open more (I know, I'm so excited too!) .

I have the best memories having co-working dates across each of their locations, and I salute you Grind!

what to order: avo on toast, toasted banana bread - oh and coffee


Hubbard and Bell, Hoxton Holborn

A likely favourite, you guys know I basically live at the Hoxton. I have no shame in consuming Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner where while ploughing through work. If you don't mind a little more noise (or atmosphere) Hubbard and Bell is right up your street! Be warned, you need to arrive at 9am if you want a plug - this place is a cattle market of Macbook Pro's!

what to order: house filter for 2 + poached eggs on sourdough 


Bulldog Edition, Ace Hotel

If you're in Shoreditch, you've probably spent a few nights at Ace Hotel - but don't just rave there! The Bulldog Edition hidden around the corner of the reception area serves bloody great coffee and snibbles. Oh, and the Barista's are totes cute.

what to order: cold brew (if you're into that) and a doughnut 

working_coffee_shops_london working_coffee_shops_londonworking_coffee_shops_london working_coffee_shops_london

Is their anywhere I've missed? Let me know your go-to spots!
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