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Last week I blogged about exciting new active lifestyle brand ADAY.

Keen to learn more about the brand and it's founders, I was lucky enough to interview Founders Nina & Meg. I've been so excited to share this with you all!

Get ready to be inspired; and excited for the launch...

 Nina & Meg, can you give a brief “about you”

Nina: We met in 2010 at Goldman Sachs in London where we both worked in M&A (Investment Banking). Both of us had left undergraduate thinking we want to get the best possible job out there - the answer to which at the time was Goldman Sachs. This is where we became friends over a shared fascination for the digital world - and our respective collections of Louboutins (Meg) / Lanvin (Nina) heels and Nike shoes. We also ran into each other at the Goldman Sachs gym.

I went there because I had been super active my whole life. I competed in gymnastics on state level as a child, and then played basketball, did horseback riding, snowboarding, judo, running, anything you could imagine. Only when I started working - it became really difficult to keep up with it. Big part of what inspired ADAY. Now I’m back at it - and couldn’t imagine life without going for my runs and doing yoga.

Meg: And I in fact only went to that gym because I was using the steam room. I had never worked out - and didn’t really enjoy sweating - until I moved to the Bay area to pursue my MBA at Stanford. On the West Coast you can’t really have a social life if you don’t pursue in activities. So my friend took me on a hike and to a yoga class - and I quite enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much I ended up buying a road bike and doing my yoga teacher training. Now I couldn’t imagine life without.

Nina: Besides, one of my biggest passions is traveling and exploring new places: I’ve lived in Germany, UK, Singapore, US and in Canada and would consider myself as a modern-life nomad, I’m happy and can work and play wherever I am - wouldn’t want it in any other way! One of the things I say is that I like to live a life I don’t need a vacation from, and glad to say that’s definitely the case.

What inspired you to start ADAY?

Meg: It was in late 2013 when the lightbulb struck: We both lived these lives where we tried to do it all - and our clothing was holding us back. We wanted clothes that accommodated to our active lifestyles, we weren’t willing to compromise our wardrobes so we created a brand that works with you, and not against you. Clothes that take you from work to workout to dine out, that’s what ADAY is all about.


What makes ADAY unique?

Nina: We aren’t just an activewear brand or a fashion brand, we are an active lifestyle brand. There are tons of activewear brands that provide fashion forwards wardrobes for their customers, but we couldn't necessarily get away with wearing Lulu leggings or Stella shorts to drinks or a gallery opening. So that’s where ADAY comes in, a brand that you can wear anywhere - anytime of the day - and if you want to spend all day in.

I know it’s a like choosing your favourite child (so wrong) but, can you pick out a single favourite item from the collections?

Meg: The ADAY team are obsessed with the ‘Late or never’ jumpsuit, literally everyone in the team owns one and we wear them with everything, it’s almost become our office uniform look.

Nina: love the ‘hail yes’ track pants, I basically live in them. I wore them to a gym class the other night and then straight to evening drinks and everyone was asking me where they were from. It felt so good to tell them ADAY.


Who is your dream celebrity customer?

Meg: We are more inspired by the awesome women around us that we met along the way - women with inspiring stories how they followed their passions. We draw massive inspiration from them and are beyond happy when we see them wearing it.

Nina: If we had to pick: Amal Clooney, Kerry Washington, Karlie Kloss, Christy Turlington Burns. Women who are strong, active and have an opinion, who would look as rock the red carpet as well as they would the TED stage. But any woman who loves our brand and feels good in ADAY who feels like they want to keep coming back for more, they in themselves are kind of our dream customer.

I see that you ladies traveled a lot to find the perfect fabrics, can you tell us a little more about this?

Nina: We wanted ADAY’s products to be of the highest standard, so that meant using olympic-performance and fashion forward fabrics when we designed the pieces. When we first started we called a factory in portugal that we knew we wanted to work with, after several ignored calls we thought, screw it- lets go the factory. When we arrived in person we did what we knew well: We prepared a pitch deck. Luckily that - and maybe the fact that we offered Meg would teach yoga for them - got us in there. They also produce Balenciaga and Alexander Wang so we are in extremely good company.


Was this collection inspired by anything specific?

Meg: I’d say life experience, and the fact that we both realised we shared the same interests but also we felt the same thing was stopping us both matching our wardrobe with the speed of our active lifestyles. We took a step back and asked ourselves if we only had 5 garments in our wardrobes, what would those be. We wanted to be able to go away for a long weekend of work and play and take nothing else but ADAY and a pair of Nike shoes and Balenciaga heels (and maybe a bikini),

Nina: Then we found Charli Cohen and she became our Fashion Designer - and together we dreamed up the now 8 perfect pieces you need. We looked at the favourite pieces in our normal wardrobe and thought how could we recreate them. Meg’s Elizabeth & James leather pants and my leather leggings became the inspiration for our Hail Yes Trackpants. Charli & my cool shiny Prada jackets we both lived in became the inspiration for our Run the World Jacket. Our favourite Phillip Lim silk shirts inspired our tank.

What advice would you give to girls dreaming of their own clothing brand?

Nina: It’s not easy - but it’s doable! Now we believe you can really make anything. Our friend Owen just wrote an awesome Medium post about how to create a brand for someone with no fashion backgorund - we wish we would have read this a year ago!

Meg: When you have a passion, a problem and an idea - and you think you’re a great person to to solve the problem - go for it. Use the first couple of months to learn learn learn and ask questions to everyone and anyone you think can help you. When you start you have the benefit of being the new person - people are so happy to help! We are so thankful for everyone who answered questions and helped us when we had nothing but Pinterest boards.


Where are your favourite places to sweat in both NYC and London?

Meg: There are so many great places to workout in both NY and London, so many new studios and gyms open all the time with awesome new classes. Having the chance to try all the best ones is so hard. That’s why we started Wander, it’s our global edit guide that profiles the best places to work, chill and dine-out in both NY and London. Personal favourites besides that are Laughing Lotus in San Francisco - when I lived there, it was my second home.

Nina: Besides our fav studios on Wander, I’m addicted I love running alongside the Hudson River or the East River Park in NYC. In London favourites are Battersea Park near my old neighbourhood Chelsea and running alongside Regent’s Canal in Shoreditch. On colder days, I do my morning workouts at Shoreditch House.

2015_04_27_ADAYLookbook_lowres1 2015_04_27_ADAYLookbook_lowres2

Can you tell us a bit more about the rewards scheme ADAY offers?

Meg: We currently have our pre-launch website up: When you sign up on www.thisisaday.com and share your unique referral link with your friends and followers - you have the chance to win awesome stuff including an ADAY outfit. It’s kinda our way of saying thanks for the support and interest to all our followers and potential customers.

Do you have a saying/quote you like to live by?

Nina: A combination of many - I think a lot about maximising happiness and learning. Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever as Gandhi says. I believe that for many of us happiness is a choice - so I choose it. And I love when Einstein says to pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe.

ADAY will launch  TOMORROW – click here to register your interest and receive exclusive information regarding the launch (and for free kit)! X


images courtesy of ADAY and Instagram