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How To : Uni-Life Balance

How To : Uni-Life Balance


The first week of Semester 1 has been and gone. And, I don't know about you,  but I'm already like "ah uni-life balance I need you" and honestly, it's so important to master before you loose your mind. So, here are my top tips for maintaining (or finding) uni-life balance! Plan

Your schedule is new, engrain it in your brain. And, think about how you're going to get that lecture prep in. Do you finish at 2pm on Tuesday, could you go to the library after until 6pm, then head to the gym? What night is netball practice? Ok, so you wanna get all work done before, because we both know you're getting drunk after!

This is one of the best things, as you'll be creating a routine...uni-life balance food

Create a Routine

Of course, after planning - routine comes next. I'm obsessed with routine, and I like sticking to them! But this is one of the best ways to create uni-life balance. Especially, if you want to socialise, have fun and make the grade! For me personally, I work, study and have my fingers in many other pies - so I have to create a routine so I know when everything is getting done!uni-life balance life

Be flexible

Don't be a bore! I sometimes have to remind myself of this, I get so stuck in my ways and routine - if someone wants to go see a film on Wednesday night, but I'm usually studying for my Monday night class... I will be tempted to say no. But honestly, remember there is more to life - you can make the time up! Uni-life balance is all about both, yes life too! Being a book worm is great, but having friends and having fun is also not bad!


I did a YouTube video on How To Keep Fit at University, check it out below. Working out is also a great way to give your uni-life balance some life! As you know, your body loves the endorphins released during working out; and it helps me to study and relieved stress! Give it a try.



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