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How to stay motivated in winter

Everyone loves to go on about how Summer Bodies are made in Winter. We all know it, but after the momentum of January - it can be hard to stay motivated. So, here is a few tips!

1. Don't be too harsh on yourself

Yes, stop looking at #fitspo on Instagram, and take that picture of  Millie Macintosh off your desktop at work. Replace it with and inspiration quote or of a beach! Set realistic goals, take you measurements, and "before" photos. you will see improvements.

2. Get some new gear!

Nike, Adidas, Reebok- of course. But don't forget about Style PB and Fashercise; they have amaziiiiiiiiing gear - Charli Cohen. No Jiggle. Lexie Sport. Lucas Hugh. Michi! Also, check out Active In Style!


3. Book a holiday

I know times are hard, and we can't all afford to go to the Bahamas. However, staycations are much more affordable. Wales, Scotland, Cornwall! Glamping in your back garden with your girlfriends! Give yourself something to look forwards too!

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4. Get a person trainer

Honestly, they know what they're talking about and can be very cost-effective! Find someone who is qualified, go for a consultation and see if you're a match!

5. Keep it fun

GymClass, Barry's Bootcamp, 1Rebel, Boom Cycle, Ten Pilates, Heartcore, Baarecore, Triyoga - there are so many amazing, fun ways to keep fit. If you get bored in the gym, or running on the road - give one of these a try!



And, don't give up!  

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