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How To : Relax

How To : Relax


Switching off, relaxing, winding down - whatever you call it, it's something many of us struggle to do. Especially living in a fast paced city, like London; life is just so go go go! We are always going somewhere and doing something! It's barely a shock that so many of us find it hard to relax. I thought I'd share a few of my favourite ways to relax and wind down!

  • Shut down your Laptop!

I find it very difficult to stop working, I think it's because I'm a self confessed perfectionist. But, I will not stop working unless I force myself. Shutting down my laptop had proved to be the most effective method, as it marks a clear end.

When you shut down the laptop, shut down your work brain. I know this is difficult, but enjoy some you time!macbook relax

  • Run a bath

I don't mean just a bath - you need to pimp that bath! Bath bombs, bubblebath, bath salts, rose petals, bath oils - the full works! Everything, treat yourself; you deserve it! The gorgeous aromas of the oils will help the mind, body and soul relax.

rose petal bath relax

  • Light a candle

I have a candle addiction! If you follow me on snapchat (and if you don't, why?! add "daniella-x") and watch my youtube channel, you'll of seen the candles on my desk!

I love lighting a beautiful scented candle, and turning off the lights. It completely creates a shift in energy! I recommend H&M home candles, they're inexpensive and pack amazing smells! If you're looking for a real treat, try Diptyque candles and Jo Malone candles!

desk candles relax

  • Try Meditation

I have found meditation very important and try to make it something I do a few times a week since my A Levels! If you're a newbie, I would recommend downloading Headspace. It's an app which can help you to create mindful habits and introduce meditation to your life!



  • Read a book

I love reading - and shopping! One of my favourite past times is visiting bookstores. You can spend hours picking up books that catch your eye and having a little read to see if it's for you! Do it. Take some time out for yourself and just go to browse. If something catches your eye, buy it!

Don't worry about finishing the book, or how long it takes you. Just as long as it provides your relief to sit down and have a flick through every now and then! They also look beautiful, can't beat a good bookcase!


  • Exercise

Obviously you all know I'm a massive advocate for this; exercise is my chosen method of stress relief and relaxation. I love those endorphins and being able to get loose in the moment. Try swimming or spinning, they allow you to be in your own bubble with your thoughts - or try to completely switch off and just be in the moment.

swimming relaxation

And remember, a day without laughter - is a day wasted!

I hope these tips help and aid you to relax more! Let me know how you like to relax!

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