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Get back into routine

Get back into routine


Are you back to School? Off to University? Or just need to get your butt into a routine? We can all answer yes to one of the questions above. I know it can be a daunting process, so here's some of my top tips for getting back into routine and most importantly, sticking to it!

  • Don't make it up as you go along

Preparation is key! If you're lucky enough to still be at school (you lucky buggers) and similarly to University; take a long hard look at your timetable! Which of your days is most forgiving? Perhaps you have a few breaks throughout the days to sneak in a mid afternoon workout. Or are you back to back, would that work best as a rest day? If you're in a job which requires flexibility, make booking in workouts a priority! Create a routine which works with your work or schooling commitments.


  • Start off simple

Simplicity is key when getting back into a routine. You may have previously worked out 5 times a week, a ran 20km on the side. But remember, your mind and body have to adapt to these changes. Keep it stimulated by starting off with a simple routine, and progressively see where you can go! After all, there's nothing more rewards than seeing your hard work paying off and your body becoming stronger, leaner and faster!


  • Make yourself accountable

If you love working out with people, this part can be easier! Make arrangements to workout together once a week! Make it a part of both of your weekly routine. You're less likely to cancel when your friends are relying on you, compared to just yourself being lazy! After all, working out is the new going out! I would also recommend seeing a Personal Trainer; not only do they have a wealth of knowledge, but they will make you accountable. Not only financially, but physically and mentally!

  • Mix it up

Psycle, Barry's Bootcamp, Ten Pilates, Swimming, Personal Training, Running, Yoga, Nike Training Club - the list goes on! There are so many ways to keep fit, do not allow yourself to get bored! There's absolutely no excuse, we have a wealth of methods you can experiment with! A great way to try new ways to workout, is using a pass. The two big ones: SoMuchMore and ClassPass - check them out, see which one is best for you.  Find your favourite's and try things outside of your comfort zone; you may surprise  yourself! It could be part of your routine to try something new once a week!

IMG_1613IMG_1595Are you getting back into routine, or dreading it? What kind of workouts will you incorporate into your routine?


Style PB X Boxpark

Style PB X Boxpark

Body Image : Thick Fit

Body Image : Thick Fit