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First Impressions: H&M Beauty

First Impressions: H&M Beauty

It's finally here, H&M Beauty 💕 after resisting temptation, I popped into H&M's flagship store at Oxford Circus. I couldn't believe how wide the range of H&M Beauty was! After reading a few beauty bloggers pieces on H&M Beauty, my first thoughts were of course the aesthetics. I love the packaging of the products, matching the luxurious interior of the Beauty area in the H&M flagship.


I picked up the All Day Liquid Foundation, Dark Tones Foundation Quad, Cover Up Concealer and a few Face Masks.

As a young black women, I remember being a pre-teen and unable to get foundation on the high street. All my white and asian friends , could pop to the local drug store and pick up makeup cheaply and easily. Brands just did not cater for my skintone; unless I went to much more expensive brands. And respectably,  my mum wasn't going to buy me MAC or YSL at the age of 13.

Although this has (slightly) improved, I was completely amazed to hear that H&M Beauty would be extending it's product range to items such as foundation. And blown away to see the range of tones available.



Star Buy

Dark Tones Foundation Quad

As an absolute makeup lover, this product is everything. My skin easily tans, and fades, so a quad with tones for all year around is perfect! I love the texture of the silky, and easily blendable foundations. You can easily build up coverage with any of the four, and blend together to make the perfect shade. I use the quad with the All Day Liquid Foundation to make my perfect shade!

I would also recommend this product to those who love a good contour!



H&M Beauty is inexpensive, but practical and aesethically pleasing. I can't wait to see what they come back with next! I would recommend this line to women of all ages, as the quality is great and the range of coulours and products is impeccable!

Well done H&M Beauty!

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