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Dealing with Weight Gain

Dealing with Weight Gain


It happens! Having spent the past year living in France; I was eating the food, drinking the drink and skipping the workouts - like a year long holiday. Granted, I had a gym membership but I wasn’t as committed as I am at home; I wanted to have fun and do as much as possible.

So, weight gain was inevitable. This is the first time I’ve gained weight since dramatically changing my relationship with food, and I’ve decided to take it as a positive.

The number on the scale hasn't changed that much (just proves how much rubbish that is) but my  measurements...there's a few differences there.

But I’m using it as a positive and a motive. I ate the damn food - of course I gained weight, I don’t care. There are so many amazing ways to get keep fit in London, which I love so it will melt away!

I started using SoMuchMore* last week; it’s a pass which allows members to attend an unlimited amount of classes in the finest boutique studios in London, whether it’s mindfulness, dance, yoga, pilates or martial arts. There’s an impressive list of participating studios to keep you busy; and I have a treat for my readers. 

Use code: MISSIONWORLDIE - for a £25 voucher after 14 days free trial!

1. Click me!

2. Follow the directions: create account, choose card, confirm payment, enter address

3.  On the top left of the payment form, enter voucher code MISSIONWORLDIE

The voucher will give you a £25 voucher for one month, following the 14-day free trial!

Let me know if you sign up & where you workout! You might even catch me sweating my baguette off!


Review: 7 eme Vin, Paris

Review: 7 eme Vin, Paris