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Dealing with injury and "FOMO"

Dealing with injury and "FOMO"


I tried to write a diary while I was away in France, especially when I got injured. One thing we all take for grated is the capability of our bodies. And when reading the diary entry below, it really made me realise how mentally impacting injury can be. I try to be as open as possible here on Mission Worldie, but keeping some of my personal life  - exactly that - personal. But, I think below is really important to share. "My blog and YouTube have been super quiet for the past 2 weeks. This is due to me being injured - unfortunately I was involved in a car crash and have whiplash. So, I'm just being super sexy rocking my neck brace and resting (yawn yawn).

As someone who's used to being active, I am not handling the resting part to well. There's only so many episodes of New Girl, Mindy Project, Empire, Being Mary Jane and Scandal a girl can watch (especially when you're completely up to date with the US and it's uncomfortable to face down at your laptop). So I've been keeping a dairy in my iPhone notes, typed while lay down in bed, on my iPhone - as that is my most comfortable position right now.

I wanted to briefly address some issues I've felt while being useless and in bed these past few days.

1. I am eating (don't worry Mum). But find it hard to understand my calorie intake when i'm basically commuting to and from the toilet or kettle. Old habits die hard hey?

I am craving carb heavy meals such as pizza and pasta - don't judge me, Italian food is ultimate comfort food - but as someone with the worlds slowest metabolism, I don't wanna be carb loading like I'm running the London Marathon when in reality I'm horizonal and stationary for most of my day. I know getting better is my priority, but I'm not looking to gain a stone or two while doing so.

Had a long hard word with myself, for once not telling myself to calm down over the loud bashes from my neighbour - and I'm just making sure I have  good sources of protein and greens with each meal. After all, I may not be "workout" but my body is still functioning! Fill tha tank.

2. I miss the gym. Where I am in France, there isn't really a lot of stuff to do - so more than ever has the gym become somewhere I enjoy going. And, as I can't bloody move - yeah I won't be hitting the gym for awhile.

I've never done the whole keeping still thing very well, and although it hurts when I do anything else, I still want to move!!

3.  THE DAYS ARE BLENDING INTO ONE. It's so strange, the whole week goes by in a flash and day blends into night. I'm someone who loves having a clear regime. I like getting up early, grabbing a coffee and sweating before running to uni.  My perfect day would pan out as so:

7:00am - wake up, coffee.

7:30am: cardio, bye bitch - we're done.

8:30am: leave the gym. breakfast

9:00am: Library time

I digress, but you get what I mean.

It's not easy to deal with, I know it's not the end of the world; but when you're abroad without your close friend and family. It's bloody hard."

I re-read this diary entry this week, and it just made me think "I should really share this". Injury is something as a blogger, we don't ever really discuss. But it's a common thing, and we should discuss and support people though it!

How to deal best with being injured

  • Talk to someone
  • Keep a diary
  • Do not loose faith
  • Be patient

Dear all injured people, I feel you. You're not alone. The gym will always be there. You can get back to feeling yourself so soon. Be patient!



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