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Calling all Freshers

Calling all Freshers


  I was a Fresher twice. First time, 2014 in London. Second, 2015 in France.

As you can imagine, they were both very different experience. But, after doing the whole thing twice, I think I qualify to pass on some words of wisdom (I feel so damn old)

1. It's not just a week - it's a whole year!

I'm not saying, "don't go out full throttle during Freshers Week" - far from it. But, try to avoid making an absolute Monkey's arse of yourself. Remember, these are people you'll be seeing around Uni for the next 3/4 years!

Also, make an effort to go out and socialise for the whole year! These are the years you'll reminisce on and tell your kids and grandchildren about, make sure there's a few stories!


2. You will make "Fresher Friends"

These are the outgoing crazy types, who you think are you new BFFE's - but will eventually realise you have f-all in common, and drift apart.

There's nothing wrong with this! It's not high school, you have more than 150 people to form a friendship group from!


3. Don't ball too hard in Semester 1...

When that student loan drops, you may feel like moonnaaaay. Trust me, it's not a lot after you've paid rent and fed yourself.

Don't be the jerk popping Grey Goose in the club and be living on Aldi Basic Porridge Oats by November! 

4. Do attend lectures

As tempting as Netflix day's can become. And even if your first year doesn't count. As a fresher, you need to get into the swing of Uni and it's demands! Usually, that's why some courses don't take into account your first year, as it allows you to get balance! 

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 9.32.18 am

5. Take it with a pinch of salt

You may of been an A grade student at high school, but guess what? They will grade you harder at Uni - it's hard to get A's. So, when you do get an A - be bloody proud!

And when you get a grade lower than what you expected, after you invested hours researching and writing it up and don't physically understand how you got that grade - go and get feedback. It's the most valuable thing.


6. If you get a cleaner in Halls, remain on their good side.

I was lucky enough to have a cleaner while a Fresher, her name was Blessing - and boy oh boy was she a Blessing! She cleaned rooms bi-weekly and communal areas most week days. Oh, and even took the bin out!

Be nice to cleaners, they do a very valuable job!

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 9.32.37 am

7. Take pride in your room

After all, your room is your new home. Make it homely, otherwise you'll never feel settled. You don't have to deck it out in Zara Home, Laura Ashley and Anthropology (if only, I know). Wilko and IKEA will be your best friend, oh and Command hooks! They're the best for hanging on the walls, without damaging the paintwork and your deposit!

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 9.35.23 am

8. Get a damn job

Not only will it be nice to actually have money to do social things, but leaving Uni with a 1st and a week's work experience from year 10 will not land you a job. You're investing in your own future!

Show off those Fresher time management skills.


9. Be money savvy at all times.

This isn't just a tip for a Fresher - we should all do this!

Join the mailing list for all your favorite restaurants and bars , you never know when they will have special offers! I know it's a lot of junk emails, but it's so worth it.

Also keep your eye on LivingSocial, Groupon and UniDays!

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 9.35.30 am

10. Do not compare your fresher year to anyone else's.

Have you ever gone on a night out to the same club, and had the same night as anyone else? No, exactly.

Being a Fresher is all about learning about yourself. It's not about the best Instagram posts or #squadgoals. Be yourself, never compromise to fit into a group. After all, it is costing 9grand a year, form your experience.

Take advantage of all opportunities; study abroad, learn a language, start a new sport, attend social meetings! Do it all!



Have you recently accepted a University place, soon to be a Fresher?

 Or are you an experienced fresher?

Pop anything I missed in the comments!

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