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Body Image : Thick Fit

Body Image : Thick Fit

After attending Serena William's Nike Court launch, I've had a ton of body image realisations. Like most people my age, we grew up on the cusp of social media popularity. Media's position had never been stronger; subconsciously portraying messages of how we should look. Body image has become such a prominent issue which really needs to be discussed; as so many people feel like they don't fit the mould.

Could think be the trigger to conditions such as Body Dysmorphia?

I'm the first to preach about setting achievable goals, I know that I will never have body like Cara Delevingne or Chanel Iman - not while being fit and healthy.  Both these words are defined by personal standards, which is the main reason there are contrasting views of what fit and healthy are. To me, being fit and healthy consists of both mental and physical components, which is far too often forgotten.

Being fit and healthy should be all our goals; and having a smashing body is simply added bonus.

What springs to mind when you think of fit and healthy? 

I tested myself, and Google. And honestly, we both came back with the same picture of health - long, lean, visible abs and slim.  The media force feeds us these images of girls who represent fitness and health to all look a certain way. But these stereotypical pictures of health, simply represent a type! We cannot all look or be the same. Another reason why we simply cannot all set the same goals.

So what is "Thick Fit"?

#thickfit is a hashtag used by many on social media, by those who are basically expressing that they do not care for the stereotypes and are self defining fitness and health. Think of a woman with healthy curves, and imagine her lifting, running, jumping and eating well and being mentally happy. That's thick fit.

Pop Serena Williams into your mind. No one can say she isn't healthy or fit. However, does she look like the image of fit and healthy you have built in your head? Probably not. This is why #thickfit is such an important movement.

Tell me more...

Since having these body image realisations, I've been trawling Instagram (shameless plug, follow me) and have come across some absolutely amazing thick fit women!

In particular I have to discuss and maybe introduce the gorgeous Nicole Mejia. Nicole is the owner of Thick & Fit ; a health and fitness brand committed to endorsing fit women of all shapes and sizes!

"Being fit isn't about being a specific size, shape, or body fat percentage; I believe that being healthy and fitness oriented comes in all different forms and that women should be able to express their passion for health without having to conform to a certain stereotype." - Nicole Mejia

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 2.34.32 pm

It's inspiring to see how Nicole has transformed her passion for fitness into a career. Through her social media channels, you can see how much she really cares for the Thick & Fit movement, promoting health, wellness and seeking balance in life. She constantly reiterates that aesthetic improvement is only one of the many benefits that come from living a healthy lifestyle. After all, who want's too look great and feel shit?

"My goal is to motivate women to set realistic goals for themselves and then to provide them with the tools that they need to achieve those goals."

If you aren't already following Nicole, especially if you have body image issues - I would highly recommend doing so. Thick + Fit and #thickfit are important movements, as we aren't all going to look like Cara and shouldn't be made to feel like we should look like her either!  Never underestimate the importance of positive imagery!

Throughout September I want to discuss more serious issues like body image. If you have anything specific you'd like to read about or a story to share please email me with any suggestions.

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