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Blogs I'm reading

Blogs I'm reading


2015 was really been the year that I personally fell in love with so many other people's writing. For me personally, as much as I love photography; I do read blogs for the writing more so than the pictures. Reading is great therapy, and as I'm currently knee deep in third year; sometimes it is nice to read something completely non-course related.

Although many moan that 2015 is also the year every man and his dog became a blogger, I personally don't see the issue. Blogs are creative outlets where people can go and write about whatever the heck they want?! Why shouldn't everyone have one?

If you're new to the world of Blogging, or are just looking for some fresh faces to read; here are a few of my faves both new and old!

Emily Knott, British Beauty Addict britishbeautyaddict.com

I think I first found Emily within the #bbloggers chat on Twitter, but her blog has a wealth of reviews and I always seems to find them on products I want/am considering buying/lusting over! It's like she can read my mind...

Oloni, Simply Oloni simplyoloni.com


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Another amazing blog I found via Twitter! You've probably seen #AskOloni all over your timeline, but you should head over to her blog! Packed full of sex & relationship advice to fashion, beauty and lifestyle! There's literally everything in one place.

Karishma, Beneath the Brush beneaththebrush.com

Karishma has a unique style of beauty blogging, I love the range of products she discusses and their price range. Her expanding YouTube channel is also a great source, her "Top 5 Foundations" and makeup tutorials are amazing. Soon to be Beauty Editor at BloggingGals, if you don't know - now you know boo!

Melissa, Melissa's Wardrobe melissaswardrobe.com


Audrey, Be Frassy befrassy.net

I love "fashion bloggers", there's no denying it (although I kinda hate the tag, because many of them have so much more to say than "hey look at my new boots") But like I said, I look for pretty pictures with words to match. Melissa and Audrey actually have interesting things to say, and it's so so refreshing. I love it, and it's what sets them apart from an ever expanding world of bloggers. Also, they both have several other categories to their blogs - I'm in love with Audrey's advice, life lately and frassy home. It's crazy how you can just literally read someone's blog and feel like it's your big sister giving you advice!

Jasmine, Jasmine Beauty Talk jasminetalksbeauty.com


I've only recently started reading Jasmine's blog, of course she has tons of beauty stuff which I love but as a nearly graduate I've loved reading her experiences as a newly graduated lass. Like many, it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows, but it's been amazing reading about the journey she's been on and it's inspired me to power on. Another virtual big sister, I'm taking all the advice I can get - have you noticed?

Holly, Holly Loves the Simple Things hollylovesthesimplethings.co.uk

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Holly is the youngest (I think) blogger I read, currently. But my god, this one is a little firecracker. At 17, she takes fabulous photos but also with profound reads. I don't know why I couldn't believe she was only 17, I think at 17 I was bursting with utterances but just didn't have the place to let it flow. I love reading Holly's writing, she's so hard working and I can't wait to see where she goes!

Epiphannie Amusu epiphanniea.co.uk


#FindYourSwatch - it literally blows my mind. So, you can literally head over to Epiphannie blog and test makeup on your skin tone. Do you know how much time/money/effort this has saved me; especially when ordering makeup online. Not only does her swatch gallery rock my world, Epiphannie have amazing categories on her blog. I love reading her style pieces!

Be sure to give the girls a read and let them know I sent you, with comments of love!


Any bloggers I missed off you think I'd enjoy - even if it's you! Pop a comment below 💋

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