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about a week ago

about a week ago


Well more like 3 weeks ago, I started the #SWEATMYBAGUETTE challenge. If you missed it (click here) but basically, it was all about regaining balance in my life; food-wise, exercise-wise and wellbeing! I am a big anti-dieting person, eating well and clean is a lifestyle choice; but sometimes we all fall off the waggon! For example, my last week in France I basically lived on take out, as I had to throw all my kitchen stuff out! So, #SWEATMYBAGUETTE was a way of getting myself back into my healthy lifestyle and balancing my diet!

If you follow me on Snapchat (shameless plug, follow Daniella-x) , you'll of seen all the cool places I've been going to workout. From the Swimming in the Olympic Pool, Reformer Pilates @ Ten Pilates, Spinning @ Edge Cycle and Yoga at The Shard with YogaSphere!


The first week of #SWEATMYBAGUETTE I tried to focus on working out, so I could really get a feel for the Monkey Nutrition products I was taking: Therma-Rip and APE*; I will do a full review of these products after the full month!


The second week, I continued to workout of course but I wanted to take a real good look at my nutrition. Luckily for me, I work in an area with a range of great places to grab lunch; Grill Market, CPRESS and M&S Simply Food!  However, I try to make a packed lunch a few days a week - now I have my snazzy Prep&Packed lunchbox! If you're into packed lunches and nutrition, you need to get one of these bags!

The implementing 80:20 (eating healthy most of the time, and allowing a treat) has really helped me and my relationship with food. I think this month is the first time I've ever had some Pizza and not felt guilty. It's easy to get sucked into the social media crazy of eating clean 24/7 and focusing so much on macronutrients; why? I want to be fit and healthy, I'm not saying eat pizza every day; but I am saying ease up, it's all about balance! Until I'm in a Fitness Bikini Model contest, you will not find me preaching out 24/7 eat clean. Eat well and clean!


Anyway, lets see where the last few days of #SWEATMYBAGUETTE take me! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat ; “Daniella-x” annnnddd if you fancy trying out SoMuchMore , you can use my code "MISSIONWORLDIE" to get a 2 week free trial and a £25 voucher for your first month!

tresses be loco

tresses be loco