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Here's a few ways to sweat I've have been d y i n g to try out...


- I had heard so much about Barry's (and saw clips on KUWTK) and knew I had to try it. Honestly, I'm beyond #addictedtoBarrys - the atmosphere, the classes and the trainers are amazing. I shall do an indepth review of Barry's, but it was top of my list.
- I've taken Pilates classes for a few years, I'm by no means a pro - but after seeing clips of people doing Pilates on reformers I knew I had to track these classes down! Where I'm from, there aren't any studio's with reformers, but I knew that I'd find one in London.
After attending a spin class at BOOM! Cycle in Shoreditch, I came across Moss Pilates.
I popped into the studio to get some details from the receptionist regarding their classes, I was welcomed by an instructor who asked me if I had time to come up for a tour of the studio and she explained a bit about the studio and the advantages of using reformers to a mat.
I will be starting a beginners course at Moss Studio when I return to London after my vacation, I am so excited to tick this off my bucket list!
- If you haven’t heard of this hanging-body weight workout, where the hell have you been hiding? I know there are sets you can buy to do it at home, but after seeing people in classes, I decided I wanted to do it in a class environment. (this is Barry’s fault, I used to love workout alone - now i’m like “Hey, I need Alex to motivate me :(((“ )

I’ve signed up and took a TRX class at Heartcore, in their brand new studio in Fulham; review coming soon!

- If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know I’m a s spin-a-holic. However, London has shown me how to REALLY spin. I am obsessed with BOOM! Cycle and Psycle. The sweat you produce in those classes and mysteriously still leave feeling sexy, I just cannot stop ranting and raving about these spin studios.
- Okay, maybe i’m the one who’s been living in a cave when it comes to this one. Of course I’d seen and read a lot about CrossFit, but I honestly thought it was an American thing which hadn’t made it’s mark on the UK….how I was wrong.
CrossFit is so popular in London and i’ve got the details of a few trainers and classes, so i’ll definitely be looking to have a go in August. If any of you are big Crossfit fans, please tweet us! I'd love to hear about your progress and development.
- I feel like this deserves its own point to Spinning, as the concept is totally nuts but I love it! Each class claims to burn unto 800 calories, which you can’t turn your nose up at; there are also benefits such as tackling cellulite, improved blood flow and no muscle soreness! What's not to love?!
AquAllure offer classes from £18, and also are running a 4 Week Intensive Summer Body Programme, you can find details for this on their website. I am so excited to try it out!
- London’s yogi’s HOTTEST trend, period. With a 37 degrees Celsius classroom to really warm up those muscles to increase flexibility, the sweat follows accordingly. Bikram yoga is really taking London by storm and I think i’m possibly the only person who hasn’t tried it yet. It is something I really want to do and feel for social acceptance its about time i tried it; as i’m becoming an outcast…
- Let me first apologise for another TV reference, however I do remember seeing Cheska and possibly Binky taking and Antigravity yoga class few MIC series ago and since decided it was something I was desperate to try. I have little to no clue as to whether i’ll be any good at it but the benefits are incredible and it looks like fun! Who doesn't love yoga and hammocks? Genius combination.
- Similar to Skyzone - if anyone knows of the UK’s answer, please contact me! I promise I’m not obsessed with the Kardashian’s and do have a few brain cells, BUT I did see a clip of the girls at an indoor trampolining centre in the states and ever since it’s been something i’ve been desperate to try. If you’re in denial of your unconditionally love for American trash TV and haven’t seen the Kardashian and Jenner sisters at the Indoor Trampolining centre... google it!
So as you can see, it looks like a great way to workout with friends and have a laugh!
- Bit more of a long term goal, but I’d love to be able to 1. complete it 2. and not feel like death. I’ve applied to run in 2015 through the ballot, and will find out in October if I have been successful. Nervy times, fingers crossed!
If you have any suggestions to fitness trends, taking London by storm which you think I'd enjoy - Tweet, Facebook or email to get in contact!
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